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Who are we?

Chris is the Belgian developer and CO-OWNER of these unique mathematical trading models.
During the Covid-19 lock down period, Chris and his Asian top traders virtually put their heads together (real teamwork) and set up a signal service, unique in the world.
They wish to offer, to a number of interested parties, their own trading signals.

Chris has received the highest possible and diverse training in trading that has come his way over the years. But even after all that professional training, no one is already able to beat the others in the market. At that moment you can achieve just as much as the others who have also followed those courses and therefore share the same basic knowledge. So it is a kind of basis to start. But much more is needed to be able to trade with a set target of x 17.5 in 3 years with even an 80% chance of actually achieving that target! And Chris certainly didn’t get it just like that! It was a long road of trial and error.

The psychological element is often seriously underestimated. Above all, it was a very intense job, requiring 100% concentration, every second of the day. It was therefore decided that from now on the part of the job, which requires that high concentration, will be embedded separately in TOYO with a team of experts, all trained by Chris and working with his models, obtained on the basis of higher mathematics. These experts will be continuously coached and supervised by a psychological team that is certainly not a luxury in this type of major work. But the result of those years of work can be admired, it is a unique system in the world. And of course it is now the intention that especially the members and our own charity (MTS) will benefit from it.

What we do? Our Design & Basic


 PPA-trading models  :

  • Has over many years of experience in studying financial markets and trading models and is the main owner of these unique trading models.
  • Has invested a lot during many years in further developping several trading models with a very high effectiveness of succesful trades and
    positive trading days.
  • All the trading models are very powerful, are nowhere else in the world to be found.
  • From now on only wishes to act for itself and wishes to send the same signals without delay to interested parties.
  • Will spend a big part of the realized profits on charities !
  • We hope that you too, in the near future, when you will make a lot of profit thanks to our signals, will donate a part of your realized profits to our charities.

For those interested : In the coming months we will therefore set up our own ‘charity fund’, namely “the mobil technologic school’. 

All income/revenu and expenses will be 100% transparant, at any time !



Why is ‘TOYO TRADER’ so unique?

  • All our energy is based on one focus only: average +10% profit per period/month (seen over a period of three to six months, after deduction of the transfer costs).If the result is good, all Members will be happy and so will we.
  • We also gave the same signals as those received by Members at the same time as we did.
  • No show, keep it simple, but honest and 100% transparent
  • We will do our utmost to work with our team of top traders for all our TOYO members, so that they can derive the +10% profit per period/month(average) from our trade signals on their total trading capital that is on the broker account.
  • From Oct 18th, 2021 onwards we will show all our trades (after the end of each period of several weeks/months) with our broker’s official transaction report. This way every visitor of this website will be able to see what effective returns we achieve. No more hassle afterwards!
    Unlike many other trading services, there will be virtually no slip-age (delays in sending signals will result in a completely different course from the trade service itself). Our trader will also act only after receiving the same signal, and it will also be those trades that will serve as evidence.
    -No other trading service in the whole world does this, and does not send the signal until after a jump or dive with the course just before that he hides behind the fact that they have no solution for that slip.
  • We are convinced, therefore, that the emergence of TOYOTRADER will cause the gain to go mad in the long term and that only fair trade services will remain, which would be good.

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AIP: Has finetuned and tested some of the PPA trading models