DONATE for our charity


DONATE for our charity


  • In a couple of months we will start our own ‘charity’, named “Mobile Technical School”


  • Any dollar will help to educate/teach children in disadvantaged areas/countries/regions, as to woodworking, metalworking,…The project has already been registered and been worked out on paper.


  • Here too we aim for 100% transparency.


  • Whoever deposits 100 $ will receive a ‘unique’ reference number. All deposits/donations, as well as all expenses/costs, provided with a reference number (initials only or, if desired, mentioning the donor’s full name can be found on the website at any time.


  • If you are interested to donate already/Now an amount of your choice onto our ‘Charity’,please contact us via.




This is an idea conceived by Chris Vanhee, who is a expert of TOYO, in 2019.

The idea has since been officially registered.

The intention is to let (street) children pull a cart from location to location, where a mobile school can serve as a technical school for a few hours under the supervision of an adult.

The cart will be equipped with wooden slats and boards, individual tools and a foldable workbench for 6 or 8 children, as well as with some common tools such as a manually driven drill press, sander, …, and of course also with the necessary stock of nails, screws, hinges, and so on.

With the help of the MTS for Woodworking, the children can be taught all the basic skills to be able to make simple constructions themselves (and also repair existing ones) after a short time. We are thinking of, for example, making trestles, a dog house, … or even small residential blocks out of wood.

The wood, the nails, … will be sent to them continuously once the project is launched. That is why we will opt for little diversity (i.e. always the same type of bars, transferable planks,…)

But because of the MTS for Metalworking (and other already planned alternative mobile schools) the children’s possible creations will in the long run be unlimited, and we hope, together with all our donors/sponsors, to give a huge boost in the development of the children in the western world and the children in countries such as Bolivia, … 

Therefore our hopes rest on all these people with the heart in the right place, as well as on corporate sponsors.

We too will donate a large part of our TOYO profits to the MTS!

We will therefore be the very first charitable organization in the world that will make ALL of its income and expenses publicly visible on its website (in preparation). It is therefore the intention to keep the general operating costs as low as possible. With every extra $ we can buy a lot of nails.

At this moment we are designing the prototype cart, but that of is course the biggest work, because so many factors and circumstances have to be taken into account, such as weight, …, and local factors like weather conditions, theft security, strength, passability of the paths, …

Every $ or € is welcome!