Foreword / Way of working

 We send our own very unambiguous signals to our members, which indicate the “expectation” of an imminent rise or fall in a particular index. Moreover, we also state “our own target” of the number of points averaged per day per index (e.g. : 50 pts on the JAPAN 225 average per day).

And therefore we ask for a contribution, which will go for a large part go to our ‘charity’: ‘the technical mobile school’.

Yet the main purpose is, of course, for members to benefit from whatever they do with our forwarded signals.

With these transmitted signals, each member can trade (enter and exit the market) with his/her own broker of choice and with his/her own product of choice (e.g. CFDs) with limited risk OR simply compare our signals with his/her own signals to learn, to refine his/her own system, to obtain even better signals, …, without actually trading with it. We would like to emphasize that we do NOT give ADVICE, nor encourage or oblige members to trade on the basis of our signals, even if this could be interpreted differently from the content in certain text parts or places on this website.

Profit can be made on both rising and falling price movements!

For those who last 3 years to remain a member, there is a greater than 80% chance that he/she will receive his/her total starting capital:


  • X 8 multiplied (with TOYO BASIC by adjusting the volume per trade 1 x every year)
  • X 17.5 multiplied (with TOYO BASIC by self-capitalizing)

Of course we cannot and will not guarantee this, but it can be either more or less than our stated goal.

In any case our own trader will trade for years on those same TOYO-BASIC signals with ‘that expectation/target’.


It’s definitely not gambling! And it is certainly not hoping for an increase as is the case when buying shares.

Do not expect certainty of a good result in too short a term:

Unfortunately, it won’t go every day, every week, every month as always expected. It remains trading the financial markets ! That is why we always speak of ‘average’.

And yes, it can sometimes happen that more signals are sent in one day than first foreseen, that successive alternating signals are sent shortly after each other, … resulting in a daily loss at the end of the day. On the other hand, sometimes there are trades that can last for several days and will yield much more profit than expected on average.

So whoever starts as a member should not immediately panic at the first dip, at a missed entry, … because in most cases the losses will be smaller than the profits, and the intention is to build up our predetermined goal step by step, but that will never run in one straight line.

We just want to say that a less good result of 1 day, 1 week or 1 month does not make your result of a 3 year period ‘bad’! But the expectation is that we will reach our goal after an uninterrupted period of 3 years.


On the other hand, it still remains ‘the financial stock market’ and we cannot guarantee, like anyone else, that there will suddenly be, for example, a ‘total crash of the global financial system’. We are cautious and work step by step towards a predefined goal with controlled and limited risk. And who does not take risks, does not win.

Nor do we attach importance to past results. Because every other signal service company brags about past results, but that’s usually limited to the best, mostly hand-picked results they’ve ever achieved, mostly self-typed and not even an official broker’s report, and then it says in small print that results from the past is no guarantee of future results. That’s why we want to be the only signal service in the world to set a target and every month we will show an ‘official broker report’ in detail (PDF) of the trades made by our trader who has also traded on identical signals that all our other members have received. It simply cannot be more transparent and honest!

Under ‘RESULTS’ we give the official transaction reports(PDF) with detail status of all successive trades, the transfert cost, etc… and can be viewed on this site at the end of any ‘period’ (30 periods in 3 years) of several days/weeks.

Please do not take greater risks than we take:   (see method : ‘Volume Caculation Per Trade‘ via ‘Memberships‘)

But if one thinks that one is smarter than we are with all our experience, for example by increasing the stake per trade to reach the goal ‘faster’ than we envision after 3 years, then one will automatically trade with a greater risk and we can say already NOW that it won’t work!

In that case we can guarantee that it will never take 3 years before one will lose his/her entire capital! Because in some cases an overnight position (or rather ‘when the markets are closed’) will be held and a lot can happen in that time period!

Besides, why would one take that risk?

Is increasing/multiplying your entire capital x 8 (or even x 17.5 for those who make the small effort to capitalize, i.e. NOT trading with great risk) in 3 years not enough?

And nobody says that you have to stop after 3 years of membership, right?

For example, what can you do and expect with a capital of eg $20,000?

Suppose :

  • you have $20,000 available to trade with and a few thousand $ for the monthly membership fee to receive the TOYO signals
  • that the target x 17,5 is achieved after 3 years

Then you will have made $330,000 in profit (minus 36 x $1,000 for the membership)

And then you just continue in the same way for another 2 years.

Above the capital of $500,000, it really won’t be easy to trade on the TOYO-BASIC signals without having many volume problems, because large losses will regularly appear due to the phenomenon of ‘hanging order’.

We therefore strongly recommend that, when your capital is  approaching $500,000, you better switch to TOYO-VIP.

At first sight it seems ‘insurmountable’ expensive due to that 25 times higher monthly membership fee ($25,000 instead of $1,000) 

BUT if you look at it as a whole, it is definitely worth the extra cost!

In addition, trading with the TOYO-BASIC signals with capitals of $1 million or larger will also not work.

But even with TOYO-VIP, when a capital of $3 million is reached, that capital will have to be divided again and divided over 3 separate TOYO-VIP memberships, each with a starting capital of $1 million, which, each in turn, can grow to $3 million.

Price of the TOYO VIP membership :

$25,000 a month is not a small amount, but there will be no other solution. Also, don’t forget that these are ‘very exclusive signals’ that you will not find anywhere in the world. That is precisely the result of our many years of study and experience. And many have followed high-level training in trading, investing, options, …  and/or risk management, money management, …, but that’s just where it starts! 90% of the success of the TOYO signals is due to the many years of study on ‘higher mathematics’ applied to the movements of the financial markets and the search for something no one else has.

Advantages of TOYO VIP


  • Each member receives unique and ‘exclusive’ signals! Nobody in the world, and therefore no other TOYO VIP member will receive the same signal at that moment ! She/he is therefore ‘the only one’ to enter or exit the market on that signal, so that normally – on bet sizes calculated on a total capital of up to $3 million – there should be little or no volume problems.
  • Our goal is not a 10% profit on average per period/month, but a 20% profit on average per period/month! That’s a huge difference!

Suppose the starting capital is $1 million. Then on the basis of +10% per period/month the capital x 17.5 could be expected after 3 years, but on the basis of +20% per period/month a x ‘very large number(>200) ‘ return may be expected after 3 years! When both are calculated with ‘own self-capitalization’, because in that case the profit will be many times greater! So you can immediately see for yourself that the monthly fee for the membership does not outweigh the enormous extra profit that can be expected.

  • There will automatically be a diversification in the trading portfolio as there will be traded on multiple indices, and in some cases also via multiple memberships per customer, which can be an extra safety.
  • There are many other benefits…

You could say that a ‘persistent’ TOYO member, with a starting capital of e.g. $20,000 via TOYO-BASIC in the first phase and after a few years of uninterrupted membership, can have built up sufficient profit, then, in a second phase, can switch to a first TOYO-VIP membership, which in turn can later turn into a third phase with multiple TOYO-VIP memberships for that same ‘persistent’ member. He who does not try cannot win!

Everyone once started small, and the richer one becomes, the faster it can go (exponentially).
Moreover, those who remain a member for 3 years without interruption, will have received various ‘very interesting tips’ from us during that period. Priceless information that we are happy to share with our loyal members and that you will not get anywhere else! These tips not only increase the chance of achieving, but even exceeding our set goals!

We like to do our very best for satisfied customers!

But we also wish to share our own signals with positively minded people, not with nitpickers.

Is TOYO not your sort of thing? Then do not become a member, or just quit. In that case, we really wish you the best with your chosen trading method.

That is also the reason why we do not offer a 3 month, 6 month or even 3 year subscription! Any member can simply quit after each month without any further commitment by simply not paying for the next month.

Each starting member therefore only takes the risk of a one-time lost investment of $1,000 as a TOYO-BASIC member.

If you decide to stop as a member after 1 month because you don’t like it, we can of course not guarantee that the month in question will not have been a loss month …

Trading is also not suitable for everyone. Some people can enjoy another purchase or experience much more with that $1,000, and may be extra satisfied only if they think they can’t lose anything either. Others can’t handle the stress,… 

But again, if you don’t dare, you don’t win!

Requirements of an ideal/optimal operation :

We want to fully devote all our available energy to achieving the target of +10% average profit per period/month, and more broadly, our focus is really on those x 17.5 in 3 years(with ‘self-capitalization’ by the members)!

And don’t forget: our goal = your goal!

That requires enormous concentration and a lot of peace of mind from all our TOYO experts. And that really is not easy, for at TOYO we have NOT chosen to tread the easiest path (by this we mean using full-automatic trading or using modern apps – because we do not believe in good profits and sustainability of results in the longer term when using these tools).

The psychological part that comes with the experts’ work is enormous and usually seriously underestimated, and Chris therefore makes sure as much as possible that the rules of optimal functioning are not violated!

Because our goal = your goal! And happy members will stay!

If you are planning to become a member, don’t wait too long!

Suppose your starting capital is $50,000.

a. You start NOW :

                            via TOYO-BASIC the expectation in 3 years (36 months) with self-capitalization is:

                            Your $50,000 x 17.5 or, in other words, + 1,650% profit on your entire capital

                            In other words : + $825,000 profit (minus the 36 x $1,000 membership)

b. You wait 2 months to start :

                            via TOYO-BASIC the expectation for 34 months with self-capitalization is :

                            still + $671,000 profit (minus the 34 x $1,000 membership)

                            Very beautiful result too, but a difference of no less than $152,000 !

So you are missing out on $152,000 by just waiting 2 months longer? And you can never catch up with that. So you will have to make the decision whether to start right away or not.


This is an idea conceived by Chris Vanhee, who is the Belgian developer and owner of these unique mathematical trading models, in 2019.

The idea has since been officially registered.

The intention is to let (street) children pull a cart from location to location, where a mobile school can serve as a technical school for a few hours under the supervision of an adult.

The cart will be equipped with wooden slats and boards, individual tools and a foldable workbench for 6 or 8 children, as well as with some common tools such as a manually driven drill press, sander, …, and of course also with the necessary stock of nails, screws, hinges, and so on.

With the help of the MTS for Woodworking, the children can be taught all the basic skills to be able to make simple constructions themselves (and also repair existing ones) after a short time. We are thinking of, for example, making trestles, a dog house, … or even small residential blocks out of wood.

The wood, the nails, … will be sent to them continuously once the project is launched. That is why we will opt for little diversity (i.e. always the same type of wooden slats, wood boards,…)

But because of the MTS for Metalworking (and other already planned alternative mobile schools) the children’s possible creations will in the long run be unlimited, and we hope, together with all our donors/sponsors, to give a huge boost in the development of these children and the population in different countries in the world, this MTS could prove its usefulness for children.

Therefore our hopes rest on all these people with the heart in the right place, as well as on corporate sponsors.

We too will donate a large part of our TOYO profits to the MTS!

We will therefore be the very first charitable organization in the world that will make ALL of its income and expenses publicly visible on its website (in preparation). It is therefore the intention to keep the general operating costs as low as possible. With every extra $ we can buy a lot of nails.

At this moment we are designing the prototype cart, but that of is course the biggest work, because so many factors and circumstances have to be taken into account, such as weight, …, and local factors like weather conditions, theft security, strength, passability of the paths, …

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