We offer you 2 types of memberships:


Our goal is + 10% (average) profit monthly for TOYO-BASIC and +20%(average) profit monthly for TOYO-VIP:

Impossible ? NO !

That is about 0,5% profit on average per day for TOYO-BASIC and this is certainly achievable.

Convince yourself by participating for a month! We can’t give you more proof than that. Or view the results of the previous month(s) under Results.

You could say that a ‘persistent’ TOYO member, with a starting capital of e.g. $50,000 via TOYO-BASIC in the first phase and after a few years of uninterrupted membership, can have built up sufficient profit, then, in a second phase, can switch to a first TOYO-VIP membership, which in turn can later turn into a third phase with multiple TOYO-VIP memberships for that same ‘persistent’ member. He who does not try cannot win!

Everyone once started small, and the richer one becomes, the faster it can go (exponentially).
Moreover, those who remain a member for 3 years without interruption, will have received various ‘very interesting tips’ from us during that period. Priceless information that we are happy to share with our loyal members and that you will not get anywhere else! These tips not only increase the chance of achieving, but even exceeding our set goals!

We like to do our very best for satisfied customers!

But we also wish to share our own signals with positively minded people, not with nitpickers.

Is TOYO not your sort of thing? Then do not become a member, or just quit. In that case, we really wish you the best with your chosen trading method.

That is also the reason why we do not offer a 3 month, 6 month or even 3 year subscription! Any member can simply quit after each month without any further commitment by simply not paying for the next month.

Each starting member therefore only takes the risk of a one-time lost investment of $1,000 as a TOYO-BASIC member.

If you decide to stop as a member after 1 month because you don’t like it, we can of course not guarantee that the month in question will not have been a loss month …

Trading is also not suitable for everyone. Some people can enjoy another purchase or experience much more with that $1,000, and may be extra satisfied only if they think they can’t lose anything either. Others can’t handle the stress,… But again, if you don’t dare, you don’t win!


Suppose your starting capital is $50,000.

     a. You start NOW :

-via TOYO-BASIC the expectation in 3 years (36 months) with self-capitalization is:

-Your $50,000 x 17.5 or, in other words, + 1,650% profit on your entire capital

-In other words : + $825,000 profit (minus the 36 x $1,000 membership)

     b. You wait 2 months to start :

-via TOYO-BASIC the expectation for 34 months with self-capitalization is :

-still + $671,000 profit (minus the 34 x $1,000 membership)

-Very beautiful result too, but a difference of no less than ± $152,000 !

So you are missing out on ± $152,000 by just waiting 2 months longer? And you can never catch up with that. So you will have to make the decision whether to start right away or not.

(±:  depending the €/$)




Our goal is +10% monthly profit(average) :


Thanks to the small amount of time you will spend by entering and exiting our TOYO-BASIC signals, you can achieve a nice return over a relatively short period of time and you may build up a nice equity/capital.

And you should be proud of yourself! Because, after all, you are the trader!

Suppose you plan to start with $50,000 and you wish to follow our signals for a period of 3 years, then we offer you 2 options:


a) You continue to maintain the number of pieces with which you enter the market for a full year and you only adjust this number after the end of year 1 and year 2.

Then you can increase your starting capital eightfold after 3 years with our goal of a +100% profit yearly, even if there is a month in between with a limited loss or if there is a month with only 2% profit.

Suppose that after year 1 your capital has gone from $50,000 to $100,000, and you’ve traded 100 pieces of a certain product in year 1, then in year 2 you will trade 200 pieces each time.




b) BUT in the mean time you can also make the calculation yourself and capitalize.

If you increase ALSO your bet size by 10% whenever you reach every +10% on your capital, you can make a lot more profit with this small calculation.(Unfortunatly, we can’t do that for the members, because they traded at different times.)

(Note: In the event of a possible fall of 10% in your capital – which will be exceptional – you should also reduce your bet size by 10%. This way you should maintain the same limited percentage of risk at all times.)

Of course, you do not have to do this exactly with a 10% increase in your capital. But, suppose that, with a capital of $50,000, you’ve always traded with 100 pieces each time, then you will be able to increase your bet to 110 pieces after a profit growth to e.g. $54,600.

Roughly calculated, it means no +100% profit per year, but (1.10) to the power of 10 = 160% profit per year instead of 100%, and that with identical trades, signals and limited risk.

Definitely worth considering! But therefore you will have to adjust and monitor your bet size a number of times a year.


When ‘self-capitalizing’ you can multiply your starting capital after 3 years with our goal of +100% profit yearly, x 17.5, even if there is a month in between with a limited loss or a month with only a 2% profit.

Converting your $50,000 to $875,000. That’s not possible? Oh yes, that’s quite possible, but gradually, building up carefully. And the last month of year 3 will contribute much more to this gain than month 1 of year 1, but at any time the limited risk is the same AND you need that month 1 just as much as month 30 in order to achieve the goal.

Afterwards/after such a period of 3 years, I look at it differently. If you have reached x 17.5 in 3 years, or, in other words, if you have realized a 1650% profit, then, to myself, I divide this by the number of months (e.g. 36) and then I look back on an ‘average’ monthly profit of some 46% (1650% : 36) over the whole period, every month again. This way you are much more inclined to start trading that way. You then know that you have to be patient and finally it is the end result that counts, not the profit of e.g. +7% from month 1. The same identical trades that created those 7% profit in month 1 could have produced e.g. more than 100% in month 34 compared to your starting capital, which corresponds to 7% of the already much higher capital (and therefore also much higher stake) in month 34.


As a loyal member of TOYO, you will receive an email on a regular basis with similar tips to achieve a much higher return using the same TOYO signals.


Chart :

For both options described above, and depending on the size of your starting capital, volume problems may begin to arise when the capital that you are trading approaches or exceeds $500,000.

This, of course, is not a black or white story and it is difficult to put an exact number on it in advance, but still, be warned. It’s not fine at all when you buy and your trade is ‘pending’, in a way you can do nothing for a long time, and you can even get a serious downer.

That is why, at trading TOYO-BASIC, we set priority to those limitations of a capital of max $500,000 (and at least $20,000, yet for a different reason).

For example, what can you do and expect with a capital of eg $20,000?

Suppose :

you have $20,000 available to trade with and a few thousand $ for the monthly membership fee to receive the TOYO signals that the target x 17.5 is achieved after 3 years.

Then you will have made $330,000 in profit (minus 36 x $1,000 for the membership)

And then you just continue in the same way for another 2 years.

Above the capital of $500,000, it really won’t be easy to trade on the TOYO-BASIC signals without having many volume problems, because large losses will regularly appear due to the phenomenon of ‘hanging order’.

We therefore strongly recommend that, when your capital is  approaching $500,000, you better switch to TOYO-VIP.

At first sight it seems ‘insurmountable’ expensive due to that 25 times higher monthly membership fee ($25,000 instead of $1,000)

BUT if you look at it as a whole, it is definitely worth the extra cost!

In addition, trading with the TOYO-BASIC signals with capitals of $1 million or larger will also not work.

urity, strength, passability of the paths, …


Our goal is +20% monthly profit(average):


For seriously larger capitals we have the TOYO VIP membership, where each member receives individual and exclusive signals! Therefore, in that case and without many problems, you can trade with a trade capital up to $3 million.

When you see that, even with an average monthly profit of 10%  (and sometimes even knowing a month with a loss and/or limited profit), after 3 years of continuous membership (TOYO BASIC), by regularly adjusting your bet size YOURSELF ‘step by step’ (= capitalizing) in the event of a -10% decrease or +10% growth of the total capital, you, as a trader, can even book a 1650% profit on your entire starting capital, then we do not have to explain to you what profit/return you can achieve – with an average monthly profit of 20% – after 3 years as a TOYO VIP member!

Make the calculation yourself! Suppose: 30 months of an average monthly profit of 20%, or 1.2 to the power of 30, equals your capital x 237 in every 3 years, and that in following up our signals for 3 years, with limited risk, ‘step by step’, with a goal of an average profit of 1% per day.

BUT, at TOYO VIP, 1 membership will no longer be enough to trade with capitals larger than $3 million. However, one must purchase an extra TOYO VIP subscription per $3 million tranche, otherwise serious volume problems threaten to occur, with possibly serious losses as a result. Do not forget that our team of experts is continuously analyzing the signals and that different signals are sent to each TOYO VIP member, precisely with the intention of having virtually no volume problems up to a capital of $3 million.

However, the subscription cost of $25,000 per month per tranche of max. $3 million will be of little significance compared to the expected profits.

We therefore strongly recommend that, when your capital is  approaching $500,000, you better switch to TOYO-VIP.

At first sight it seems ‘insurmountable’ expensive due to that 25 times higher monthly membership fee ($25,000 instead of $1,000)

BUT if you look at it as a whole, it is definitely worth the extra cost!

In addition, trading with the TOYO-BASIC signals with capitals of $1 million or larger will also not work.

But even with TOYO-VIP, when a capital of $3 million is reached, that capital will have to be divided again and divided over 3 separate TOYO-VIP memberships, each with a starting capital of $1 million, which, each in turn, can grow to $3 million.

Price of the TOYO VIP membership :

$25,000 a month is not a small amount, but there will be no other solution. Also, don’t forget that these are ‘very exclusive signals’ that you will not find anywhere in the world. That is precisely the result of our many years of study and experience. And many have followed high-level training in trading, investing, options, …  and/or risk management, money management, …, but that’s just where it starts! 90% of the success of the TOYO signals is due to the many years of study on ‘higher mathematics’ applied to the movements of the financial markets and the search for something no one else has.

Advantages of TOYO VIP


  • Each member receives unique and ‘exclusive’ signals! Nobody in the world, and therefore no other TOYO VIP member will receive the same signal at that moment ! She/he is therefore ‘the only one’ to enter or exit the market on that signal, so that normally – on bet sizes calculated on a total capital of up to $3 million – there should be little or no volume problems.
  • Our goal is not a 10% profit on average per month, but a 20% profit on average per month! That’s a huge  difference!

Suppose the starting capital is $1 million. Then on the basis of +100%/year the capital x 8 could be expected after 3 years, but on the basis of +200%/year a x 27 return may be expected after 3 years! And this is when both are calculated without ‘own capitalization’, because in that case the difference would be many times greater! So you can immediately see for yourself that the monthly fee does not outweigh the enormous extra profit that can be expected.

– There will automatically be more diversification in the trading portfolio as there will be traded on multiple indices, and in some cases also via multiple memberships per customer, which can be an extra safety.

– there are many other benefits…



Moreover, if you wish to trade with a capital much larger than this $3 million, please contact us via:


3 years is not an eternity, and if you don’t want to trade yourself, you can engage your son, your father, your niece, … to trade.

Teamwork :

Before sending a signal to members, any signal that is suddenly given by our trade models is thoroughly evaluated by a team of experts. They then decide quickly whether or not the signal should be sent to members and to our trader. The main reason for this is to prevent copying of our signals based on backtesting.

Therefore the system will be able to figure out how the TOYO mathematical model works.

What do you need?

  • A computer or a laptop.

You can count on a good internet connection


  • A trade account with a broker in your region/country (examples/options:_______)

You have a certain level (min. upper secondary) 


  • NO trading or investing experience is needed
  • A trade capital of at least:

TOYO-BASIC :      $20.000   (to max. $500.000)     (our goal is +10% profit/mth average or + 1650% profit in 3 years)

(during 24 hours per day : 0 to 10 signals per day)

TOYO-VIP :      $ 500,00 (to max. $ 3 mio)     (our goal is +20% profit/mth average)

(during 24 hours per day : 0 to 10 signals per day)

Each of our 2 memberships will ‘only’ be able to deliver a good result if the capital is not bigger than the max. capital !

You have acquired this money legally.

Payment :

  • With PayPal or with a transfer to PPA-tradesignals Belgium.

IBAN: BE 63 0019 1035 7608



(REMINDER: Please email us the copy of bank slip and “Username” after BANKTRANSFER payment)

  • After each payment you receive a valid invoice by mail

You can become a member at any time of the month and start receiving signals during a 20-day period.

Upon receipt of the payment, you will receive a confirmation of membership for a (new) 20-day period.

What do you have to do after registration and payment?

  • Contact a broker in your region/country
  • Request a trading account and deposit your trading capital
  • Download the broker’s trading platform
  • Place the markets: Install the 5 TRADING MARKETS on the broker platform (of your own broker) on your PC, laptop,… so that you can trade as soon as you receive the signals.
  • Choose a product, e.g. CFD s and calculate the number of pieces (see ‘volume calculation per trade‘)

Upon receiving our TOYO signals, you only have to:

    OUT or LONG IN(expectation that the course will rise) or SHORT IN(expectation that the course will fall)

That’s all you really have to do!